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25 March 2016

Bloody at China Joy announced press release of Worlds' Fastest Mechanic Keyboard and invited Bloody fans to join us! It was tested with key response of less than 1ms with Ahead Technology!

LightStrike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Bloody Light Strike Mechanical Swithces (Infrared Optic Switches) ? Fastest Response Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, During gamers battles, response speed is number 1! LightStrike Mechanical gaming keyboard delivers a fast response of 0.2MS, faster than all the other competitions. To the Hardcore Gamers, Fantastic Durability is a must, To avoid in Game delays or even Gaming, A,S,D,W Silcon keys ? convex and silcon material for greater control during your gaming events or just casually gaming.


Gamers Love to play in the dark, or to just have Special lighting with their Gaming Equipments, Neon Glare System LED BackLighting, Gaming Keyboard LED lighting provides an easier way to locate the keys in the dark, or dim lit rooms. During Hard Game Play you often love to grab a drink while you game, The Spill Proof Design allows you to safely play and forget about the accidental spills during the heat of gaming. Easy to clean up, and easy to main, with B720 Spill proof design. Dual Mode ? Game Mode or Normal Mode settings, With Fastst great Response speed comes great responsibilities, =) Created for the Gamers, Bloody Light Strike Mechanical Swithces ? Fastest Response Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Bloody B720 Light Strike Mechanical Gaming keyboard World?s Fastest Mechanical switches ? innovated LightStrike Infrared Mechanical switch, Actuate 30% faster. Infrared switch only needs 1.5mm to actuate, which is 30%faster than traditional metal switche at 2.2mm Spill Proof Design ? The infrared switch is surrounded by a 6mm barrier wall to avoid water damage from accidental spills.